Embrace Risks Profitably In Insurance

Insurance technology is evolving from reactive detection to proactive prediction through robotic underwriting, artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics models, and effective credit assessment.AI-driven digital technologies have drastically remodeled robotic underwriting processes, pricing & claim settling with minimal human interventions resulting in higher settlement ratios. Risk management with an effective risk modeling system & risk rating... Continue Reading →

5 Delights of Digital Credit Card Origination

Uncertain times plague the credit card industry.The current generation of customers, following self help finance books, are increasingly viewing cards as 'evil' and the root cause of financial mismanagement.How can credit card providers turn the tide and make customers fall in 'love' with cards?The 5 key ways in digital lending journeys of cards are-1. Boost... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Accelerate Digital Lending

Exciting, quick and convenient are the words rarely used in both retail lending and corporate lending. Digital lending journeys are becoming a classic example of disruptive innovation for industry leaders.How can lenders simplify both retail lending and corporate lending, improve workforce efficiency and productivity and embark on digital transformative journeys through effective credit assessment?1. Simplifying... Continue Reading →

How to Boost Digital Collections?

In recent years, lenders in both retail lending & corporate lending have become global networks that have linked apps on smartphones, workstations used to generate applications and sophisticated programs to manage digital loan origination system, collections and compliance.Systems that once merely updated balances are now used to determine financial credit product marketing, in particular, whom... Continue Reading →

Make Lending Proactive from Reactive Through Digital On-boarding

Today, financial services are seeking to provide end to end digital lending journeys experience that is personalized, simple and frictionless. This is in response to increasing 'instant credit fulfilment' demands of the customers both in retail lending and corporate lending through effective risk modelling system & risk rating platform.Digital onboarding for account opening, loan origination system,... Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Strengthen Risk Management in Digital Lending

Decisions made long ago and often forgotten, can come back to haunt.  Banks and financial services discovered this to their chagrin during the 2008 financial crisis.Ever rising customer expectations, aggressive non bank lenders are forcing banks to actively personalize their credit offerings for seamless digital lending journeys. Lenders are looking to mitigate losses, while delivering... Continue Reading →

How ‘Digital’ Will Change Lending?

Sometimes, ‘more’ is not always great. Especially in digital lending. More manual processes, more legacy systems, more technology investments is not the solution for delivering customer delights in lending. The current traditional lending approach is highly manual and fragmented, presenting bottlenecks with data quality, aggregation, and instant fulfilment. How can banks get tighter on risks,... Continue Reading →

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